The Gate of Aleph

Now available: The dying King Aikah suspects the flesh-eating Mikana will attack the kingdom of Seth once again.

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The Lost Tablets of Iyar

Now available: Can an explosive secret about Seth change the selfish Iyar?

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The Shields of the Earth

Now available: Conspirators lurk everywhere. Distrust fills King Shammah as he struggles to see the truth.

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It all started from a scrap of paper scribbled late at night with the title Seven Gates of the Kingdom, then I discovered its antagonists from a dear friend’s detailed Bible research about ancient entities, and an idea eventually became a YA fantasy series. Countless chai lattes, adventure movies, moon-lit nights on the laptop, endless looping of epic soundtracks, spontaneous worship music, and  listening and wrestling with God went into these stories. Enjoy.

Scholars Library

Explore the Hebrew names and biblical themes used in the fantasy series in this glossary.