Are You Hungry for a Hebraic Understanding of the Bible?

The Hebraic roots of the Christian faith definitely can fire up a believer from the spiritual doldrums. My research on Fall of the Savior-King deepened my understanding of the God I love and serve. Where I thought He was silent, He has said so much. In fact, The Word of God may appear spare, but it’s not shallow. Truth is conveyed straightforwardly, but if we mine the Hebrew, we begin to tap its depths.

When I share with people about the Hebraic roots of the Bible, I often receive a quizzical look. They want more, but sometimes I wonder if they think linking “Hebrew” and “Christian” together means they are committing a spiritual violation. Much of the church often has done a poor job of showing how the Bible is a seamless document of truth. By either severing, or neglecting, the Hebrew-Christian connection, many Christians have dined only partially on the spiritual feast God has prepared for us. Thankfully, this is changing. My church is hosting a Walk Thru the Bible Old Testament Seminar with Dallas Theological Seminary’s Greg Hatteberg, and hundreds have attended so far. He was enthusiastic about teaching, and the crowd was hungry to learn. God is putting His finger on the hearts of His people to learn about their precious faith!

On the web, I have discovered tons of resources to expand my understanding of the Hebrew Bible. For example, has been an enormous resource for learning. I heartily recommend the work on this outstanding site. Today I discovered a new resource, Heberew Nation Radio. The August 11, 2011 podcast is a provocative teaching about why the “name” of God matters. You may reach a different conclusion, but, by all means, study. Pull out your Bible, search through your Strong’s Concordance, and ask the Father for eyes to see.




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  1. Jenny says:

    I’ve found the interlinear Bible on StudyLight to be a good resource:

  2. Judy Howard Ellis says:

    Thanks, Jenny! I LOVE that site.

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