Go deeper into the book series with my podcast

I’ve heard it so much that I’ve decided to do something. After reading “The Gate of Aleph,” the first book in the Seven Gates of the Kingdom series, some readers have requested workbooks and other notes so they can better grasp the worldbuilding behind the novel. Those comments came from those who at least finished. . . (Read More)

Hunters vs. the hunted, musings about the ‘Four Faces’ on World Lion Day

Lots of posts on Twitter about #WorldLionDay. It’s a conversation that offers a powerful and compelling forum to denounce hunting the majestic animals as trophies. My musings about lions don’t stop there, however. Lions played a major role in ancient Mesopotamia throughout the empires. Sometimes they were viewed as gods. Sometimes a man’s head was. . . (Read More)

A Blood Moon and Seth’s Moon Goddess

With all the talk about Friday’s blood moon, the longest total lunar eclipse in the 21st century, I can’t help but think about the moon goddess who controls King Aikah and many subjects in his kingdom in “The Gate of Aleph.” Livnath is the classic archetype of a seductress, with the cool white moon as. . . (Read More)

God Uses Our Mistakes to Knock on His Doors of Hope

Shammah’s adopted father, King Aikah, commissions him to lead a military expedition because Mikana warriors are stirring on the edge of Aikah’s kingdom. The military expedition begins in a victory but leads to disaster and a loss of men. Tragedy occurs because Shammah defies his father’s military rules and lets his intellectual curiosity influence his. . . (Read More)

Yahweh Speaks through the Stars

When we meet Shammah at the beginning of “The Gate of Aleph,” he’s an intellectual, an accomplished man who is literate in many things. He’s observing the palace slaves as they murmur prayers to the moon goddess in the Gardens of Destiny, and he’s mentally venting his frustration about the polytheistic religion that imprisons his. . . (Read More)