Go deeper into the book series with my podcast

I’ve heard it so much that I’ve decided to do something.

After reading “The Gate of Aleph,” the first book in the Seven Gates of the Kingdom series, some readers have requested workbooks and other notes so they can better grasp the worldbuilding behind the novel. Those comments came from those who at least finished the book.

I know I’ve lost other readers entirely. A Mesopotamian motif, Hebrew names and supernatural themes gleaned from Genesis in a fantasy adventure story akin to a parable mashup can leave readers wondering what is this story about?

Reaching readers was my additional challenge. Lots of great books are out there — but I wanted to give Shammah and the kingdom of Seth a fighting chance to be read and loved.

At first, I tried to resolve these issues by rewriting and rewriting and rewriting the novel. Not a bad idea. I want to produce the best novel I can. But after two different book titles and rebranding, I need to leave the first book as it is and move on. It is my first book.

So what did I finally start to do? I started a weekly podcast. I’m podcasting about the series, beginning with “The Gate of Aleph.” The novel has 42 chapters and that means 42 weeks of discussions about the book. Hopefully, my book notes will help readers dive in with a better understanding of how I developed the story. Maybe the podcast will intrigue readers enough that they will take their own research journey with the resources I cite.

Two podcast episodes are up on Anchor, Spotify, and other platforms. To be totally honest, podcasting stretches me. I’m not a podcast expert. I have tons to learn. But the podcasts already have stirred something within me: They push me to revisit my original story and get excited about this ancient world all over again.

And that’s a good thing. I’ve missed personal deadlines to publish the second and third books of the series. The publishing lag must end. Really. By podcasting, I’m already gaining insights to make “The Lost Tablets of Iyar” and “The Shields of the Earth” better. I’m at the polishing stage for “Iyar” and at the rewriting stage for “Shields.”

What I’m finding is that podcasting increases my creativity and serves a few appetizers to readers who’ve asked me what happens next to Shammah.

Podcasting also offers another hidden gift. I may blog more.

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