Super Bowl Ad Is ‘Epic’ Stage for the Nephilim

You’ve got to applaud the marketers at Kia.The “One Epic Ride” Super Bowl commercial last night was like listening to back-to-back broadcasts of Coast to Coast AM where Bible scholars, novelists, paranormal experts, and archaeologists discuss a host of theories related to the ancient Nephilim. These ancient creatures are first mentioned in Genesis 6 and then reappear in later narratives in the Hebrew Bible. The Nephilim have been connected — directly or indirectly — to the mythical gods of Greece and Rome, to the Mayans, and to aliens and UFOs.

Now the Nephilim are being used to shill Optimas for Kia.




I can’t blame Kia’s marketers. Nephilim-related stories have enthralled mortals across the centuries. In one fluid, tightly-told spot, Kia’s commercial features Poisedon, the Greek mythic god of the water, a bug-eyed alien, a spaceship soaring through a worm hole (portal) and what appear to be ancient Mayans welcoming the flying Optima (a picture of the so-called doomsday event of Dec. 21, 2012).

Kia’s marketers, like Hollywood, have tapped nimbly into the mass-culture interest in the Nephilim and theories related to their origin and presence. Last night’s commercials even featured trailers for upcoming films like “Cowboys and Aliens” and another installment in the “Transformers” franchise, which also ties into this subject.


While Hollywood pounces on Nephilim-related themes, many Christians seem to dismiss conversations about the Nephilim as controversial, extreme or in the wacky realm of vampires and werewolves. Too many seem to overlook that these mysterious creatures spring from the Bible’s narrative. If the Nephilim are mentioned in Genesis and other biblical books, isn’t there a reason for their inclusion? Shouldn’t Christians want to know why? Or… are Christians content to let car marketers and Hollywood producers interpret a story Bible students should know best?


Photo courtesy of  Wikipedia: (Poseidon/Neptune sculpture in Copenhagen Port ©2005 Hans Andersen {{GFDL}})



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